Golden Valley Tree Park

Balingup   Western Australia

Golden Valley Tree Park

How you can support Golden Valley Tree Park

Interested in supporting the Golden Valley Tree Park?
Sponsorships are an important source of income for the Park. The following list of downloads will help you to find out more about sponsorship, becoming a Friend of Golden Valley or making a tax deductible donation...

How Tree Sponsorships Work?

You can sponsor your own tree, a tree for your family or someone dear to you and help the work of the arboretum. The tree sponsorships are an important source of funding for Golden Valley Tree Park. They fund the acquisition, establishment and care of trees by our volunteer workforce, as well as the provision of visitor information.
Please select your tree from the “List of Trees Available”, which you will find below. This list is updated from time to time. It does not include any very recent plantings, nor can we plant to request, as we prefer to test the viability of each and every tree before allocating its dedication. So whilst no tree can be guaranteed, we do our utmost to ensure that each tree dedication will last for many years, and satisfy the needs of our sponsors. The date that your tree was established can be found on the list.

How to Order Your Selected Tree/s

Before you order your selected tree/s, please read the "Sponsorship Conditions" (found below).

Then complete and sign the "Tree Application Form" (found below) which provides two payment options; ONLINE or by CHEQUE.

For both payment options, please post your completed and signed "Tree Application Form" (with cheque if applicable, and any attachments) to:
Tree Sponsorship Secretary,
Golden Valley Tree Park Inc,
PO Box 21,
Balingup WA 6253.

As soon as possible after the receipt of this application we will ensure your tree has a wooden post with the tree name and your name dedication, as you have requested, on engraved plaques. Most trees on the list below already have such posts ready to use and the dedication plaque can be ordered and installed within weeks. You will receive a receipt and confirmation, and with the help of the grid reference provided you can locate the tree using the map in our brochures to be found at each car park at the Park.
If you would like more information on the sponsorship system or about any of our trees, please ph 08 97641062.
Thank you very much for your support.


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