Golden Valley Tree Park

Balingup   Western Australia

Golden Valley Tree Park

How To Support Golden Valley Tree Park

Sponsorships and donations are an important source of income for the Tree Park.

Golden Valley Tree Park is the largest arboretum in Western Australia, both in terms of area and number of species. The Park is managed by dedicated volunteers in partnership with Parks and Wildlife Services. Park management involves significant and sustained volunteer input however financial support is also needed for the provision and care of new trees and ongoing development within the park. Your donation to the Park will help to support the community in raising funds to conserve this place of significance.

How to make your donation

Select your preferred type of Donation.
Choose either: tax deductible   or   non-tax deductible donation.

* Tax Deductible Donation:
Your donation to the Park can become tax deductible only if directed through a special appeal set up by the National Trust of Australia (WA).
All donations over $2 made via this special appeal are tax deductible. Please use this link to make a tax-deductible donation.

Please note that sponsorship of a tree, or membership fees are not considered donations by the taxation office.

* Non Tax Deductible Donation:
You may select to make a one-off payment by paying an amount of your choosing directly into the Golden Valley Tree Park bank account or perhaps set up a small monthly donation.

Donating a one-off lump sum:
Pay online by bank transfer.
  BSB: 066-504
  Account Number: 1006-2700
  Reference: Donation followed by your Last Name, e.g. Donation: JONES
If donating via this method please advise us via Email when you make your transfer so our Treasurer can 'balance the books' and acknowledge your donation.

Donating a small monthly amount:

See our Information page on how to set up this form of non tax deductible donation.

* Park donation boxes

These are can be found at various places within the park.

Thank you very much for your support.


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