Golden Valley Tree Park

Balingup   Western Australia

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Busy Bees

2022 Monthly Busy Bees

Busy bees are a great way for volunteers to contribute to general
park maintenance and new projects. As well as being a very
rewarding contribution they are fun and sociable, and include a
delicious morning tea.
We meet on the third Saturday of each month from 8.30am to noon.
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Saturday 9 April 2022
Wheelbarrow Army in World Collection
Time 8.00am -11.30am

Spreading woodchips on walk tracks. Followed by the usual delicious social morning tea in the gazebo around eleven am to wind things up

Saturday 13 November 2021
Thwackin Thistles Busy Bee plus morning tea
Time 8.30am start

Please join us for a thistle session. Bring a hoe if you can, some spares available. Time to socialize - morning tea.

Saturday 21 August 2021
Australian Collection Busy Bee
Time 8.30am -11.30am

The busy bee will be directed by the Curator of the Australian Collection, Laurent Marsol. This will be a great opportunity for Laurent to meet you, if he hasn't already had that opportunity.
Here is the list of tasks we would like to accomplish at the busy bee.

  • Tidy-up entrance - cutting and removal of coarse woody debris
  • Weeding in entrance precinct
  • Bridal creeper control
  • Control of acacia seedlings
  • Maintenance of Geographe Landcare and Euc. relicta plantings
Our morning tea in Australian Collection picnic shelter at 11.00am
Please bring tools if you have them and suitable PPE.

Report on May 2020 Busy Bee

Magic Oak Woods Busy Bee 23rd May 2020

A perfect pre-storm Saturday morning enabled us to get a glimpse through the looking glass as a large team of community and
committee volunteers prepared the way for children to experience the Magic Oak Woods exploration trail.

Wy led the Way with new stepping stones alongside a (near future) wishing well - with signage designed by Balingup artist Ros Benson to stimulate a child's imagination to various locations in and around and amongst the oaks.

Fortuitously and right on cue, two Green Men, symbolising the spirit
of the forest and renewal, appeared to a give a green-thumbs up on
the imaginative Magic Oak Woods exploration trail.

It was only the Subaru in the background that was anachronistic....

Busy Bee workers GVTP

Tom Cudahy (Community Volunteer) and GVTP Secretary Laurie Capill
channelling the spirit of the forest at the start of the Magic Oak Woods trail

Autum Working Bee

A blaze of Autumn colour and a crisp Autumn morning greeted the volunteers as they cleared the ground of historic brickwork fragments from the old homestead alongside the Strawberry Tree - lest little feet
trip and stub toes

Morning Tea

On a splendid new all-timber bench and seat, donated by Tinderbox Balingup, and groaning under a splendid morning tea of smoked
salmon, egg and mayo sandwiches, at least five varieties of
home-baked cake-goodness and yumminess and an organic
watermelon from committee member Yulia Novikova's garden -
Andrew Thamo (World Collection Curator, Park Co-Founder and
Committee Member) pitches the Magic Oak Woods project to an enchanted and enchanting group of volunteers.